Crowning Connections

The Spark in You with Lori Beth Finley

February 16, 2022 Lori Beth Finley Season 2 Episode 7
Crowning Connections
The Spark in You with Lori Beth Finley
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Rob Clemons, GM of Monarch Roofing and host of the Crowning Connections podcast, had the honor of meeting Alabama Theatre of Myrtle Beach's newest cast member, Lori Beth Finley. 

It was a fun atmosphere to interviewing on the stage at the theatre following their 2022 opening week! Getting to know Lori Beth, Rob got to talk about NASCAR, Rap and the secret recipe to keep vocal cords healthy! This North Carolina native's journey to success includes singing at church and racecar tracks to moving to Tennessee solo by age of 17! Now she has brought her family back to the Carolinas and we are the better for it.

This Dynamic Singer, Wife and Mother also uses her platform to speak to hearts about mental health and finding freedom in an accepting community. We hope you enjoy the spark within this Superstar as much as we have. Be sure to get tickets to see Lori Beth Finley at the Alabama Theatre. 

Enjoy the #Podcast. Listen In!

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